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Margaret Belton, Senior Vice President of PrivoCorp, engages in a candid talk with Roy Briggs, CEO of BIFI, about the challenges BIFI encountered in mortgage servicing and how PrivoCorp’s solutions turned disorder into efficiency.

Roy shares his insights, candidly discussing the collaboration, the implementation process, and the tangible results BIFI achieved.

“Working with the PrivoCorp team has been a pleasure. They have been very responsive and knowledgeable”
Operations Head for a Mortgage Company
“PrivoCorp’s ability to scale and meet our requirements has been very good. We really appreciate working with your team”
VP Operations for a Title Company

“PrivoCorp’s team helped us improve the productivity across end to end fulfillment operations. Our response times to borrowers have also improved”

Head of Vendor Management
“PrivoCorp’s team takes care of all the accounting requirements, and this has helped us free up a lot of resources and saved a lot of time in accounting operations“
Accounts Head for a Leading Mortgage Broker
“Working with PrivoCorp has been an amazing service for us. Our occupied Title department has received excellent support services from them. PrivoCorp will always be there to help us with our diverse needs”
EVP, Title Operations, Leading Title & Settlement Company
“PrivoCorp is a remarkable firm, and we are consistently pleased with their mortgage servicing assistance and services, as well as their amazing team. They are adaptable to our ever-changing needs and a pleasure to deal with”
SVP Servicing Operations, Leading Sub-Servicing Firm

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