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Traditional mortgage lenders still feel a bit apprehensive about non-QM loans, fearing higher risk, but we see a vast set of borrowers opting for a Non-QM mortgage

CFPB’s QM rules and standards tend to side-line self-employed consumers, foreign nationals, real estate investors, and borrowers with significant assets. Non-QM lenders provide a non-QM loan to borrowers that do not qualify for traditional mortgages. It takes significant scrutiny, documentation, and strict underwriting to ensure non-QM loans proceed to fund without obstacles. With a growing number of borrowers going for non-QM loans, it has become essential for non-QM lenders to partner with service providers to manage their end-to-end fulfillment needs.

At PrivoCorp, we support Non-QM lenders with their end to end mortgage fulfilment services

Our use of intelligence gathered by AI and machine learning technologies ensures that we replace redundancies with automated workflows and accurate output. Our digital QC helps the pre-underwriting stage to make an underwriter’s job a bit easier. We also go one step ahead to manage all your vendor relationships to help you focus more on your core business.

Our 10+ years of experience working with customers, self-motivated teams, automated workflows, and digital compliance ensures operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with our clients. Partnering with Peoples Processing for your mortgage processing can help you save loan cycle time, reduce fixed costs while giving you a competitive advantage in the market.


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