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We are among the very few full-service ‘mortgage processing’ companies. We provide processing support that cuts across origination as well as post-closing. We implement strategic tools and process transformation to address the mortgage industry’s operational and customer experience challenges. Our self-motivated teams, automated workflows, intelligence powered by AI and Machine Learning technologies, and digital compliance ensures operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for our clients. Although many lenders believe in a fragmented approach while assigning processing work, we believe this full-service mortgage processing is still widely needed in the mortgage industry today.

PrivoCorp covers the complete array of mortgage processing services under a loan lifecycle :

Loan Processing Support

Loan Processing Support

Underwriting & Quality Checks Support

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Closing Support
Post-closing & Compliance Support

PrivoCorp's PowerMatrix

The PowerMatrix solution suite is the driving force behind PrivoCorp’s success across its origination and servicing solutions. It epitomizes the fusion of unparalleled Mortgage domain understanding, cutting-edge Technology expertise, and comprehensive Process knowledge.

PowerMatrix stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the mortgage industry.

PowerMatrix empowers PrivoCorp to consistently deliver top-tier service and solutions to its mortgage clients, that are tailored to their specific needs.

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“PrivoCorp’s team helped us improve the productivity across end to end fulfillment operations. Our response times to borrowers have also improved”
Head of Vendor Management
“PrivoCorp’s team takes care of all the accounting requirements, and this has helped us free up a lot of resources and saved a lot of time in accounting operations“
Accounts Head for a Leading Mortgage Broker

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