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Five Ways to Improve Mortgage Originations

Five Ways to Improve Mortgage Originations
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The mortgage origination process encompasses a host of steps right from loan boarding to final closure. Each of these includes numerous challenges for both the lender and the borrower due to the strict laws of the industry.

As a lender, if you commit to improving the mortgage origination process, you can increase the number of completed applications and extend more loans to qualified individuals.

In this blog, we will take a look at 5 key points that can help originators stay competitive.

1. Leverage a variable cost model by outsourcing

In recent years, mortgage origination costs have increased. If you combine that with the current higher interest rates and appreciated property prices, you will realize why the  volumes of loan applications  have decreased.

Lenders face several challenges to effectively manage service levels and turn times. Another issue is managing staffing and retaining market share while controlling costs.

One way that lenders can alleviate this risk is by increasing efficiencies in the workplace. This is where outsourcing comes into the picture. Outsourcing increases internal efficiency of lenders and empowers them to provide an improved customer experience. By opting for outsourcing to contract loan processing companies, lenders are able to handle staffing issues. They can retain a workforce that is effective and productive while getting support for much of the back office operations. Through robust outsourcing solutions, lenders will be able to harness good performance and service in their work.

2. Develop strategic partnerships

While the dynamic nature of the mortgage origination industry poses challenges for lenders of all sizes, smaller ones are more likely to be affected.

One way to deal with this is to strategically choose partners that complement lenders’ businesses so that they can improve their business bottomlines. It is important to understand that vendors cannot be one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead of providing entirely new systems, they must seamlessly be able to integrate with lender’s existing processes.

In short, lenders should look at beneficial partnerships rather than simply picking up vendors. The vendors must be able to add value and not undermine systems that are already in place.

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3. Retain top performers while finding new talent

This is a time when a major part of the workforce is moving towards retirement. Studies show that more than 75 million Baby Boomers are about to retire. However, the number of Millennials and Gen X workers aren’t enough to replace them. This applies to the mortgage origination industry as well.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that before attracting new talent, lenders need to first invest in existing top talent such as loan officers and underwriters. One way of doing this is by offering better remunerations and incentives and creating more chances for professional development.

The aspect of investing in existing talent applies not only to lenders, but also to their partners as well. Lenders need to pick partners who follow similar strategies when it comes to workforce development.

4. Add new loan programs

While it is great to create new streams of revenue, it also often means assuming new areas of risk. However, it is necessary that lenders are able to add new loan programs like HELOC, non-QM loans and so on to their repertoire.

These new loan programs also mean increased underwriting needs. But it’s not practical to go on a hiring spree to add more people in-house to manage all of the underwriting needs. In this case, lenders should have the right partners in the form of contract loan processing companies by their side to off the risk. These third-party vendors are experienced in a wide variety of loan programs and can supply a customizable bench of underwriters.

5. Do not compromise on Compliance

In an industry like mortgage with constantly evolving regulatory standards, it is imperative that lenders pay careful attention to compliance requirements. However, given the fluctuating volumes of work that most lender teams have to deal with, it is possible that there could be compliance oversights.

The right vendor partners play a key role here because they are equipped with expert teams that can step in to be extremely vigilant about aspects like compliance. Vendor teams work shoulder to shoulder with lender’s in-house teams to ensure fast mortgage origination while sticking to all regulatory requirements.

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