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Mortgage Process as Challenging as Home Buying in Today’s Competitive Housing Market

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According to a recent article on Businesswire, the new report,  High Demand, Higher Hurdles in the Mortgage Market, reveals key findings around consumers’ issues during the mortgage process and how digital solutions are starting to provide relief.

According to the report, 89% of respondents find the loan application more stressful than the home-buying experience.

Loads of paperwork and lengthy processes should be a thing of the past in this digital era. While many lenders now provide a partially digital loan process, this does not always convert into a better customer experience. The process can remain a source of friction.

Lenders will need to continue improving the digital mortgage process and enhance functionality in order to provide a smooth and intuitive customer experience. Open banking information allows digital verification of assets, income, and employment, which can increase customer satisfaction, minimize risk and reduce costs in the short term while also increasing customer loyalty in the long term.

The stress of the mortgage loan process

With demand and prices both rising, it’s tough to find the right house in the current market. Finicity’s survey results show that most people find the loan process to be just as, or even more stressful than they thought it would be.

  • 89% of those who took the survey said that the loan application process was more stressful or just as stressful as the home-buying process
  • Some 72 % of those who took this survey were surprised or very surprised by the amount of paper that is still used in many parts of the mortgage process
  • 64 % said they were frustrated with the process of applying for a loan at the start, which made them hesitant to refinance

A move away from paper verification and toward digital verification

For example, payment and banking apps have been a lot more digital than the mortgage process has been.

The move to a digital loan process makes things easier for people, and some expect it.

  • People only said that 12% of them didn’t like giving their personal financial information to a lender because they didn’t like the idea
  • The loan process was less stressful for homebuyers who used digital verification than for those who didn’t

It takes a lot of time to get a mortgage, but open banking solutions approved by the people who use them can cut that time down to a lot less. Most people (54%) said it took between 30 and 60 days to go from application to closing, with 16% saying it took more than 60 days. With digital verification, people can have a smooth experience that requires them to fill out no paperwork and saves them time in the long run.

How PrivoCorp has leveraged technology

PrivoCorp has constantly adapted itself to the technological changes and provided the flexibility that the growing mortgage requirements demand. PrivoCorp has always been at the forefront of technology-driven mortgage lending. Using technology-enabled process AI and Machine Learning and the significant investment in automated Mailbox monitoring Systems, have already showcased positive results. The effectiveness of technology and its impact on the U.S. mortgage market show steady growth.

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