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Embark on a transformative journey in mortgage processing with PrivoCorp, where efficiency meets expertise. In an era dominated by fixed costs, attrition risks, and licensing complexities, discover in this insightful blog, how PrivoCorp emerges as the game-changer, streamlining operations, ensuring scalability, and unleashing unparalleled growth opportunities for businesses.

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Charges & Costs

The burden of fixed costs can be a heavy load for any business, especially in the mortgage processing industry. Without the support of PrivoCorp, companies find themselves shelling out charges to processing teams and struggling to hire and maintain reliable staff. The core reason for partnering with PrivoCorp lies in its innovative billing model – charges are collected on the Closing Disclosure once the loan closes. This means that you no longer need to bear the weight of fixed costs; you pay only for what you use and only when you close loans.

Expertise & Attrition Risk

Navigating the complex world of mortgage processing demands a team with specialized expertise. Without PrivoCorp, companies face the daunting task of training and guiding processors, managing attrition risks, and dealing with administrative complexities that consume your time. PrivoCorp takes this burden off your shoulders, managing all administrative hurdles, including hiring, retention costs, benefits, taxes, quality, and compliance. The team comes equipped with significant mortgage domain expertise, ensuring minimal oversight. Plus, with a readily skilled team and advanced technology interventions for automation, attrition risks become a thing of the past.

Turnaround time & Scalability

In a fast-paced industry, turnaround time can make or break deals. Without PrivoCorp, companies grapple with the challenge of hiring and scaling a reliable team. PrivoCorp provides a solution by offering expert teams that are not only readily available but also easily scalable on demand. This ensures a faster turnaround time, giving businesses the competitive edge that they seek so badly.


Expanding business operations across states often involves the hassle of switching companies based on their licensing status in that particular state. PrivoCorp eliminates this headache by being already licensed in 49 states. Companies can seamlessly conduct business in multiple states without having to switch partners.


In the dynamic world of mortgage processing, PrivoCorp emerges as a beacon of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and expertise. By addressing key challenges such as costs, attrition risks, scalability, and licensing, PrivoCorp empowers businesses to focus on strategic growth. In choosing PrivoCorp, companies not only gain a partner but also a catalyst for success in the competitive landscape of mortgage processing.

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