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Speeding Up your Loan Origination Process

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The loan origination process is a time- and labour-intensive process. On an average, it takes anywhere between 35 to 40 days to close a loan, given the host of paper-based processes involved.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, as competition for the surge of new business is ramping up, it is has become inevitable for lenders to closely examine their loan origination process to see how they can address any challenges involved in the process.

Challenges in Loan Origination Process

The loan origination process is often fraught with challenges due to ineffective processes that are created through both regulatory and non-regulatory procedures.

  • Missing Documents

A critical part of any loan origination process is collecting the necessary documents from the borrower. However, often, the document collection process is one of the main inefficiencies in loan origination. It is likely that documents may get lost in the shuffle as they pass from one party to another, holding up the rest of the process.

  • Manual & Cumbersome Processes

The loan origination process is complex and highly segmented which means the manual procedures require multiple hand-offs across front and back offices. Since it involves many moving parts, it is prone to errors and delays. Another issue is that since heavy paperwork is required, manual evaluation and verification can take days overall.

  • Managing Borrower Exceptions

Borrowers today expect a speedy, quick loan application process and streamlined services with real-time decisions when they are applying for a loan. From loan application and document submission to loan fulfillment functions, they expect the process to be intuitive and fast. A manual loan origination process with delays and errors can lead to a frustrated customer experience.

Find out how PrivoCorp can provide Processing Support that cuts across Originations as well as Post-closing

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Solutions for Speeding up Loan Origination Process

It is important that lenders optimize their operations so that they can overcome the challenges posed by the traditional loan origination process.

Here are some areas they can focus upon:

1. Associate with Reliable Partners

With increased competition in the lending market, there is a need for every lender to be as agile in business as possible. It helps to follow a more customer-centric approach, like technological integrations and innovations to achieve an edge above the rest.

One of the best ways is to join hands with third-party partners for mortgage post-closing assistance. They can help streamline the process with well-trained resources that work with accuracy and efficiency, within the regulatory requirements. By outsourcing mortgage closing support services, lenders can leverage partners’ efficiency to manage workflows and maintain compliance with quality control.

2. Leverage Technology Advancements

According to IDC’s Worldwide Banking IT Spending Guide, tech spending on loan origination was $7.3 billion, or 44%, of overall loan IT spending in 2021, growing to $9.7 billion in 2025. These numbers show how important technology investments are and will continue to be when it comes to loan origination.   

As the time has come for lenders to largely rely on cutting-edge tech like Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based applications to help accelerate loan processing, a trusted mortgage partner will have these technologies at the ready. They have robust investments in technologies such as AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help streamline the loan origination process.

3. A Secure System for Documents Storage

With faster processing becoming the norm, lenders require a strong system that will make it easier to upload and safely store borrower documents. Third party partners can offer such kind of systems that not only build a loan setup workflow, but also identify if files have missing information or requisite fields.

Lenders need such systems that do the follow up with borrowers and notify the credit department about the missing information while helping retrieve the missing data. These systems increase the proficiency of the loan boarding process, in turn ensuring that the cumbersome loan origination is done accurately and efficiently.

4. A Partner with Mortgage Domain Expertise

It is important that partners have deep domain knowledge and a good grasp of industry best practices to ensure strong mortgage post-closing assistance, revenue in-flow and client profitability. If they have spent a greater number of years in the business, there’s more likelihood that they have gained in-depth domain knowledge.

By outsourcing mortgage closing support services, lenders can benefit from such experienced partners who have tried and proven methodologies, tools, processes, and resources in place to ensure mortgage loan process optimization. Their processes will be tested for efficiency, along with in-depth knowledge of shifting regulations, upcoming mandates, and newer compliance requirements.

How PrivoCorp can help in Loan Origination Process

PrivoCorp offers a bouquet of services in term of mortgage origination, from validating the borrowers’ rights and eligibility to preparing loan documents. A full-service mortgage solutions provider, PrivoCorp believes in increasing the efficiency of clients by helping them streamline their loan origination process.

Its suite of services includes Loan Setup, Processing / Loan Officer Assistance, Underwriting, Closing, Post-Closing, Pre-Funding QC and much more.

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