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Streamlining Loan Onboarding and Servicing Process

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When you take in new loans from originations, MSR acquisitions, or portfolio transfers, there is no such thing as a “little” discrepancy. Contradictions between loan onboarding and servicing process can cause delays, increase costs, and lengthen research cycles.

So how do you manage the intake of multiple files containing between 500 and 1,500 pages per file efficiently and without causing the process to stall due to discrepancies?

At PrivoCorp, we have been handling this very efficiently for our servicer clients and our approach is as follows: loan onboarding and servicing process

  • Check for duplicate documents – We are focused on improving the efficiency of loan servicing for you. When one is already dealing with up to 1500 pages, it is critical that duplicate documents are identified right in the beginning and removed.
  • Organize documents by document type –  We leverage technology to assess documents and arrange them by document type which makes everyone’s job easier when scrutinizing loan documents.
  • Document relevance – We determine the most recent version of each document and eliminate old and redundant ones.
  • Leverage technology – We extract important information by leveraging OCR/ICR tools. This helps speed up the process in a reliable and efficient way.
  • Documentation scrutiny – Our experienced team has expertise in identifying missing documents upfront and fetching them from the borrower.
  • Data quality – Once we have done a thorough analysis of the customer documents, we reconcile data and get it ready in a systematic way for underwriting/loan modification to ensure it passes the underwriter’s scrutiny.

Our motto:

We are committed to improving our clients’ business. We are your partners in significantly improving your service, customer outlook, and loan closing ratios. With our domain expertise in residential loan mortgage, our attention to detail, robust process framework, we ensure that loan modification applications pass the underwriter’s scrutiny.

The difference with us:

We have an internal process framework for loan servicing that ensures efficient and streamlined loan servicing processing. By leveraging integrated and automated systems and smartly combining it with human expertise, we are able to build high efficiency and productivity in scrutinizing loan applications. We have a team of experienced processing team that focuses on the quality of every loan application before it is submitted to the authorities, helping you save valuable man-hours and money.

Increased loan modification requirements due to black swan events like Covid-19:

With the outbreak of Covid-19, there has been a huge surge in loan default and loan modification requests. Lenders cannot possibly increase their capacity to process these applications overnight. This is where our expertise and ability to scale comes into play. By relying on the modern technologies and the skills of our experienced team, we have the solutions to meet your increased need for loan servicing. We play an instrumental role in helping provide seamless service to our origination and servicing clients.

Key benefits:

  • Significant cost saving by making loan servicing more efficient
  • Streamline lengthy and complicated processes for the customer
  • Ability to offer time advantage by working round the clock
  • Enabling you to focus on core areas while we take care of the process aspects
  • Helping you build additional and flexible capacity for loan servicing without putting additional cost burden on you
  • Delivering a superior customer experience by improving turnaround time


Lenders increasingly need a reliable and scalable team to help them in their loan servicing endeavours.  This is where PrivoCorp comes in. With our robust processes, domain expertise, technology-driven automation, and a team of experts, we will fulfil your loan servicing needs in the most efficient and productive manner possible. We are committed to improving your customer outlook and hugely improving your loan servicing experience.

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