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Ways to Improve the Mortgage Origination Process for Lenders

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From loan boarding to final closure, mortgage origination entails several steps that result in the borrower receiving a house loan. Unfortunately, the process poses a number of challenges for both the lender and the borrower due to the industry’s strict laws and structure. Lenders need to invest in the right initiatives in order to speed up the closing process and retain the borrower. Every event that occurs during the mortgage origination process has a relative impact on both the lender and the borrower. For instance, if the process is overly time-consuming, lenders are more likely to lose a borrower to a competitor. As a result, lenders must improve the processes involved. Let’s look at some potential initiatives to improve the mortgage origination process from the lender’s perspective.

Faster Loan Boarding

It’s the procedure for adding loans to your loan origination system. Loan boarding is the first and most important step, and it includes data analysis and administration. On the other hand, loan boarding normally necessitates a lot of documentation, and a manual approach takes a long time. As a result, digitization is the most preferred option.


Digitization involves converting borrowers’ information from paper documents to digital formats that a computer can process, such as text, photos, and sound. Lenders should use the most up-to-date scanning and indexing technology to quickly and easily capture and store borrowers’ data. Borrowers should submit papers and fill out an application through digital channels using digitization. Online mortgage application software is one example of a digital channel. PrivoCorp can help in providing this digital route for lenders.

Stacking and Indexing

Keep in mind that multiple borrowers can apply at the same time, and you should expect additional applications at different periods. But how can you organize and handle such a large amount of information? Index stacking is the most effective method. Index stacking is the process of storing documents in a specific order. For instance, it could be based on the type of loan and the purpose of the loan, among other factors. Index stacking by hand is inefficient and time-consuming. As a result, we may use automation to make the process faster and more accurate. Index stacking can be entirely automated using machine learning (ML) and optical character recognition (OCR) technology for faster processing, better data capture/management, and overall faster loan boarding.

Quicker Underwriting with Higher Underwriting Productivity

Another key stage in the mortgage process is underwriting. This is where the underwriter reviews the borrower’s financial information. Any discrepancies will hamper the underwriting procedure in the borrower’s data or inadequate paperwork. As a result, there will be additional overhead expenses and longer processing time. The solution is to incorporate a pre-underwriting procedure. Pre-underwriting is done by an underwriting support service provider like PrivoCorp to help alleviate bottlenecks before the papers reach the underwriter. If any missing papers are detected, they will be acquired before the case is presented to the underwriter. The underwriting support service provider will use modern technologies to check for anomalies in borrowers’ paperwork. When missing documents are discovered, a notification is issued for them to be collected. Pre-underwriting speeds up the process and lowers costs by requiring the underwriter to work with documents that have already been verified.

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Efficient Coordination with 3rd Party Vendors

Mortgage lenders must collaborate with a number of third-party vendors, such as title agencies and appraisal firms while processing loans. Several lenders collaborate with third-party suppliers such as mortgage brokers, appraisers, and other professionals. Data inconsistencies, delays, and various processing issues occur when third-party vendors are not properly coordinated. Because of the ambiguity of the entire process, Coordination might be complex. Because the lender has a lot on his plate, he or she may lose track of the third-party vendors. In addition, some third-party documentation must be obtained in order to verify data consistency, compliance, and the prevention of fraudulent purposes. The following are some of the documents:
  • Title reports
  • Form 4506-T
  • Appraisal report
  • Documents on insurance asset
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Child support/divorce decree document, if an
Lenders might enlist the assistance of mortgage service providers such as PrivoCorp to make the process more smoother . Assistance can be sought in the management of the team and the gathering of relevant documentation.

Collecting Missing Document From Vendors

When it comes to mortgages, dozens of new documentation becomes the norm. As a result, some records may go missing, and incomplete records will render the process useless. Use a mortgage solution provider to assist you in obtaining missing paperwork from vendors.

Increase the Closing Ratio

The lenders’ profit margins make the entire procedure worthwhile. It would be beneficial if they were able to boost the closure ratio. How, exactly, is the question. So there you have it.
  • Automate loan setup
  • Invest in pre-underwriting
  • Leverage technology to automate the QC process.
  • Employ the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Improve Experience of Borrowers

Borrowers are your gold mine, so you should concentrate on making the entire origination process as simple as possible for them. The easier you make it for them, the more profitable you will be. A lot can be done to improve the borrower experience, from the user interface to making sass information available on mobile devices. Successful leaders have already taken steps to improve the borrower experience. Investigate the most effective mortgage approaches, search out reputable mortgage solution providers, and enhance the borrower’s entire experience. Improving the borrowers’ experience affects the closure ratio as well. Because when borrowers are satisfied with the process, they are more likely to stay with you and finalize the loan rather than go to one of your competitors. Working on some of the activities outlined above will undoubtedly help you improve the mortgage origination process. With its extensive knowledge and competence in mortgage processing, PrivoCorp can assist you with end-to-end fulfillment.

Find out how PrivoCorp can help in getting your mortgage operations streamlined

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