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Ways to Make Your Title Business More Efficient and Scalable

Ways to Make Your Title Business More Efficient and Scalable
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Across industries, technological advancements have helped in streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies and ushering in new opportunities. The title industry too that had hitherto remained largely unchanged thanks to multiple title data sources, time-consuming manual processes and difficult data transfers between systems. But it is now seeing a sea of change, especially post the pandemic.

This long overdue evolution has been mission critical for the industry. Title data is complex with no single repository of the requisite information. Besides, the steps to gather, transcribe and convert the title evidence into a finished product are overtly manual and tedious. The overall process, therefore, is highly time-consuming and one that presents too much chances for errors.

In this background, it is imperative for title companies to improve operational efficiency, quality and productivity by empowering their employees to work smarter. If title companies wish to prepare themselves to weather the situation — slowdowns or booms — in the mortgage industry, they have to be as efficient as possible, streamlining their current processes to position for future growth.

Adopting the Right Technology to Power the Efforts of Staff

In 2022, every title agent is looking for options to make their business faster, more efficient and flexible if statistics are to be looked at. As per the Voice of the Title Agent special report, 28% of survey respondents reported that ‘new technology’ and 26% said ‘cost reduction’ are top business opportunities.

Technology automation is fast becoming a key advantage for title companies to streamline operations, gain competitive advantage and increase profitability. By utilizing advanced technologies combined with automation efficiencies during title production, you can enable your staff to focus on quality control while improving turn-time, accuracy and customer service. The right kind of technology can empower your organization, help your staff work smarter and help  you improve efficiencies.

The need of the hour is to develop a leaner operational backbone by leveraging the latest technological tools to offer an efficient and quality-driven title process. One of the most effective ways is to work with a title partner that is on the leading edge of technology. Such partners can make the entire title process more streamlined and simplified, which allows you to focus on your core business without having to worry about how to manage the technology aspect.

Find out how PrivoCorp can help title agents manage volume fluctuations effortlessly while ensuring compliance

Find out how PrivoCorp can help title agents manage volume fluctuations effortlessly while ensuring compliance

Leveraging Automation to Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Two of the most important reasons to automate title processes in 2022 are speed and accuracy. According to the WorkMarket’s In(Sight) Report that mentions the impact inefficient work processes have on revenue and overhead for businesses, 53% employees state that they can save up to two hours a day (240 hours per year) through automation.

Automating repetitive and mundane tasks can have a significant impact on the overall bottom line. The title process involves a number of legacy inefficiencies and it is necessary to relook and address them to keep up with the needs of the digital era. Automation in title processes encompasses the end-to-end digitization of title workflows using prebuilt and custom automation tools. It replaces human effort with RPA mortgage bots wherever it is possible and advisable.

At a time when lesser and lesser paper processes are preferred, it helps to join hands with a robust title process partner to ensure title documents have no errors like missed signatures and incomplete data fields. Title partners offer automation to identify and correct errors to bring in accuracy, with minimal disruption to the end-to-end mortgage process

Improving Analytics to Make Right Business Decisions

Another area where title companies can benefit from is by upping the ante on their analytics and reporting to derive the right business decisions with the help of data. Title companies need to make more informed business decisions by leveraging the right reporting tools. They need tools that can assist them to see current as well as historical data to identify ways to increase profit, analyze customer behavior, track marketing performance, zero in on market trends, optimize operations, and discover challenges.

The key to ensuring data accuracy is to partner with the title support company that offers strong reporting and analytics tools and process. 

How PrivoCorp Can Offer the Right Support with Technology, Process & Domain Expertise

Privocorp offers end-to-end title support services that help title agents manage high volumes with ease, while ensuring compliance and reducing costs in title production by over 30-40%.

With the help of robust technology, PrivoCorp automates requisite processes related to title search reports, tax reports, analyzing the financial implications of the loan, arranging for the transfer of property rights and acquiring mortgage policies if needed, all within quick turnaround time and at affordable cost.

The team has vast experience and deep domain expertise within the title Industry enabling them to offer high-quality services amidst business challenges around managing cost, turn time, scalability, volume fluctuations and quality.

Get in touch with us today for a smooth title experience.

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