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What to Look for in a Mortgage Processing Partner

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In today’s ever-evolving, competitive market, mortgage lenders face a host of challenges like meeting borrower expectations, improving closing ratios, reducing the cost of origination, and most importantly keep growing. One of the best ways for lenders then is to tie up with reliable mortgage processing partners who can do the heavy lifting for them, and allow them to focus on the market expansion.

Mortgage processing companies today offer a range of services right from setting up the loan to closing it. You can use help in areas like loan boarding, document processing, borrower engagement for missing documents, prep for pre-underwriting, pre-funding quality reviews, services in post-close. Established companies that have been offering services in this space have robust processes and systems to do this efficiently. With their experience, they can ensure that the process is fast, convenient, efficient and results-oriented.

More than Just a Vendor

Ideally, a mortgage processing partner is much more than simply a vendor to whom you can outsource services as a lender. There are several counts that have to be taken into consideration while choosing a partner. A mortgage processing partner is someone who should be able to go the full distance, right from when the lender works with a borrower to initiate and complete a mortgage transaction. They are the ones who can offer end-to-end mortgage loan processing services that cover a wide range of functions from processing related services, business acquisitions and appraisal title checks to underwriting disbursements and collections services.

Outsourcing to Close More Loans, Faster

Once the partner company is on board, they should be able to offer a bouquet of services covering the entire mortgage ecosystem according to each lender’s style and preferences. Loan processes require a plethora of documents including proof of employment, Federal tax returns, bank statements or balance sheets, etc that determine the borrower’s creditworthiness.  Acquiring them from borrowers could prove to be a time-consuming process.

Outsourcing such mundane and repetitive tasks to a mortgage partner could free up the lender’s time which they can utilize to work with more borrowers and close more loans. A team of focused and highly skilled professionals from the mortgage processing company can help the lender make informed decisions pertaining to the mortgage loan application process. These could include ordering appraisals to loan closing, complete evaluation, validation and review for each step in the mortgage process.

A mortgage partner’s job does not end at managing these processes only. As customers experience technological advancement in every other sphere of their lives, processing mortgage loans is no exception. They want these services to be as fast and convenient as possible. A mortgage partner should be able to offer proper domain expertise and sound technological assistance in order to ease the process. A mortgage partner with a strong technical background can help the lender properly utilize available resources, eliminating the time it would take a person to complete similar processing tasks.

A reliable mortgage partner should be able to offer advanced analytics that can be used to predict trends, events, and behaviors – an invaluable aspect in business processes that help in solving issues before they arise.

Improving Closing Ratios

Another area where a capable mortgage processing partner can help is in improving closing ratios – a problem many lenders face. A loan is considered closed when the deal on it is finalized. However, the procedures and time involved between the mortgage origination and closing are an intense one and there are chances at each step that the borrower may decide to back out for some reason. While outsourcing may not completely eliminate this possibility, a mortgage partner can help in speeding up the decision-making process, and decreasing the likelihood of a borrower bailing out of a loan application.

Mortgage processing partner also proves to be great assets especially at a time when efficient mortgage loan processing is becoming a challenging task for lenders with the constant need to keep up with new regulatory compliance, high costs, changing technologies and tighter budgets. A partner who offers reliable and responsive services can benefit lenders in a number of ways. They can bring to the whole mortgage process more strength through innovation, efficiency, consistency, timeliness, customer satisfaction and competitive edge.

Appropriate utilization of these services can help lenders take their businesses to the next level.


Due to the resource-intensive nature of mortgage loan processing, it is advisable to look for experienced mortgage processing partners. PrivoCorp is one such mortgage loan processing company that can help lenders save considerable time and costs, improve resource utilization and improve conversion ratios. To avail, some of our expert services, come talk to PrivoCorp now!

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